Apps & Games (all)

All smaller games I made and worked on (collaborations are noted).

Note that while these may be smaller games, they are not prototypes and are all complete.

5 Days

Survive on your own for 5 days until rescue arrives, and explore the station where you are stranded. You are an astronaut, who, after an unfortunate accident, is stranded on Mars with barely any ressources. Can you deal with the hunger and the need for air? Or will you resort to barbaric measures only to survive?Features:

  • A space station to explore
  • Atmospheric soundtrack, pronouncing the inevitability of death
  • Puzzles
  • A cat in a pivotal role


5 Days was created in 48 hours for Ludum Dare. It scored exceptionally well, ranking out of 981 games total.

Coolness 100%
Community 4.21
#10 Theme 4.10
#21 Mood 3.77
#26 Overall 3.67
#39 Graphics 3.94


Metal Sphere Solid

A stealth-action-puzzler made in 48 hours for Ludum Dare with the theme “Escape”.

You are a Sphere, taken prisoner by the evil Cuboids. Try to escape. Avoid enemies. Avoid being seen. Be sneaky. Be stealthy. Escape!



  • Asthetically interesting environment
  • Atmospheric soundtrack
  • Physics-based controls
  • A heartwrenching story about friendship and escape
  • Highscore-system, so you keep coming back to kick more ass
  • Geometry-based adversaries and allies
  • Completely unrealistic glowing spheres.
  • The largest amount of story I ever put in a game


Out of 599 games Metal Sphere Solid ranked

Coolness 100%
#5 Community 4.14
#21 Graphics 4.16
#42 Overall 3.66
#54 Fun 3.43
#65 Theme 3.65
#90 Audio 3.11

Every Ten Seconds A Kitten Dies

Made in 48 hours for Ludum Dare, with the theme “10 seconds”.

You play as Boxy the Boxcat, saving drowning, procedurally generated kittens. You have to avoid deadly mines, can collect money, and upgrade your ship with better values, a radar and torpedoes.


Out of 2212 games, it ranked

Coolness 100%
#101 Humor 3.39
#188 Overall 3.48
#240 Fun 3.34
#304 Graphics 3.33
#319 Theme 3.41
#323 Mood 3.05
#323 Audio 2.95
#478 Innovation 3.06

And was the most-played game during the event.


Let’s Protest!

Created in 48 hours for Molyjam, based on an idea by @PeterMolydeux.

“Imagine a game in which you have to join protests to make changes to the rules within the game’s world.”

You join protests and change the world (literally). Weather boring you? Protest for a new one! Irritated by the movement-controls? Protest!

Featuring music by Maverlyn Darkstar.


Sharkasm – A Game About Being Mean

Sharkasm was made in 48 hours for Sharkjam, which I also hosted. You play a shark and can insult other sealife with procedurally generated insults.



  • Procedurally generated insults
  • 2 level of insults: “harmless” and “super mean”
  • 2 different endings – can you find both?
  • Procedurally generated NPCs, each with their own name!


Balls Balls Balls

Made in 48 hours for Ludum Dare with the theme “Minimalism”.

In Balls Balls Balls you play Neon-Shockwave-Golf by creating tiny shockwaves. Levels start simple, but ramps up in difficulty and complexity.



  • 30 unique and brain-bending level
  • Beautifully minimalistic artstyle
  • Minimalistic yet deep gameplay, exploring all permutations of the present rules
  • Automatic Saving, so you can return at any time to continue
  • Organ-based soundtrack
  • Highscore-Tracking, so you can see who is absurdly better than you

Reviews :

Out of 2346 games in total it ranked

Coolness 100%
#133 Fun 3.57
#167 Overall 3.64
#191 Audio 3.32
#296 Innovation 3.45
#309 Mood 3.19
#354 Theme 3.75
#427 Graphics 3.22
#702 Humor 2.04

My Little Planetoid

My Little Planetoid was created in 48 hours for Ludum Dare 23, for which the theme was “Tiny World”.

You build a civilization, starting with farms and houses. Later you begin launching satellites and spaceships.


Out of 1402 games My Little Planetoid ranked 24th in Theme and 84th Overall, which is in the top 6%. Other rankings are

Coolness 100%
#24 Theme 4.10
#85 Overall 3.66
#94 Mood 3.40
#116 Graphics 3.78
#124 Audio 3.28
#185 Fun 3.25


Rubidium was created in less than three weeks for the Unity “Flash in a Flash”-contest.

in Rubidium you control the flow and reactions of the elements, so that they can undergo reactions and reach their destinations.

Water Proof – An Aqueduct Game

I worked with André Vallentin, Bastian Hermann, Duc Long Doan and Tu Tran Thi Ngoc for several months on Water Proof.


It’s a puzzle-game about creating aqueducts.


Boxy the Boxcat in Evolution Escapades

Made in 48 hours for Ludum Dare with the theme “Evolution”.

You play as Boxy, a cat that can mutate and evolve by getting near radioactive materials. Each new evolution allows Boxy to explore new areas.



  • Cats
  • Lasers
  • Boxkittens
  • Explorable City
  • Mating


Be Bruce Wayne

Made for the Berlin Mini Jam of April 2016 in 8 hours with Nadine Kost and Till Balbach.

You are Bruce Wayne, Billionaire Philathropist Playboy. People must not know you are Batman! Be as obnoxious as possible to throw them off.



You are faced with multiple scenarios, where you have multiple options to chose from. But if you mess up too often your secret may come out!




Made in 48 hours for Ludum Dare with the theme “Beneath the Surface”.

In FoxyTank you drive around a cave-system fighting other tanks, while trying to find replacement-parts for your spaceship. It’s controlled via WSAD, aiming & firing is done with the mouse.


Results out of 2500 games are:

  • 2nd place coolness, gold medal
  • 25th most played
  • 393rd graphics

Battlefleet Text Command

Made in 9 hours for the Berlin Mini Game Jam.

It’s a text-based strategy-game. You command your ships by giving them text-commands, such as

  • “Jericho attack Daedalus”
  • “Icarus move to 09”


The ships then promptly do so. There is a lot of room to mess up, as ship-names can get complicated (try typing “Aguinaldo” quickly), and it’s very easy to stray into friendly fire.

Spacecat Marines

Made in 48 hours for Ludum Dare with the theme “Connected Worlds”.

In Spacecat Marines you go from world to world in your ship, the Bigglesworth. You have a crew of spacecats with their own unique appearances and equipement, which accompany you on missions. During those you have to defend power-cores in fps/td-hybrid. They also get more experience and level up in rank.



  • Your unique team of Spacecat Marines
  • Neat Soundtrack
  • Spacecat Marines. With guns.
  • Non-linear progression – chose which mission to do next
  • 12 missions with different challenges
  • A ship to connect you between worlds


Out of 2500 games it was the 26th most-played. I also got a gold medal for coolness.

Brave Bunnies

Made in 48 hours for the Global Game Jam 2015 in collaboration with Max Heyder.

In Brave Bunnies you have to protect your carrots from encroaching bunnies. Bunnies become larger and more monstrous the more carrots they eat.



Made in roughly 4 hours.

POND is a meditative experience about playing with lights and colors.


Pegakitty Saves the World!

Made with Marie Palme in 8 hours for Ludum Dare 33 and the Berlin Mini Jame of August 2015.


In Pegakitty Saves The World you collect candy to power your rainbow-blaster, with which you can rainbowify the envivonment.

Sandwich Assembly Rhinoceros Tank

Made in 8 hours in collaboration with Marie Palme.


You control a rhinoceros driving a tank to collect sandwich-parts like cheese, bread or meat. The better your sandwiches, the more points you get.


Triangle Fractal Creator

Made in roughly 1 day.

In the Triangle Fractal Creator you can chose a shape, start-colors, and then subdivide and further extend it.



Sad Kitty in Space

Made in 1 hour during the Zero Hour Jam.

You’re a sad kitty in space, trying to eat good emotions and to avoid bad emotions.

Critics have this to say:

“Cute as hell”

“‘Squirrel’ is not an emotion”



Made in 8 hours for the Berlin Mini Game Jam of April 2014. You have to find the correct elephant based on color, size and number of tusks among several others.


MaginifiCat – Anima Meow

My game for the Global Game Jam 2014, a collaboration with Max Heyder, is MagnifiCat – Anima Meow.


You are Magnificat, exploring a colorful asteroid-field and completing missions given by your commander, Lady Admiral SpaceCat. To avoid deadly sentries you can disguise yourself as an asteroid for up to 7 seconds, during which you are invisible.
Features a Meow-Button, and passes the Bechdel-Test & Diversifier.


Feed Your Kitty!

I made this in roughly 2 days for an Android-Course, using Android Studio.


You have to choose what food to feed your kitty, and it reacts pleased or sad. Afterwards highscores are saved in a local database.


There is no release planned.

The World is Mine!

Made in 48 hours for Ludum Dare 25 with the theme “You are the villain”.

In this world-domination-simulator you build an evil empire and seend goons to take over cities.



  • Evil Bases
  • Goon-Management!
  • A Blimp! (it’s evil)
  • Laser Death Rays!
  • Kongregate-Highscore-integration
  • A kick-ass evil march I composed in less than an hour

Out of 1327 games, it ranked

Coolness 100%
#62 Theme 3.94
#181 Overall 3.33
#192 Humor 3.05
#202 Audio 2.93

And ended up being the 6th most-played game during the event.

 Totally Serious Bear-Solitaire

Created with Marie Palme in 8 hours for the Berlin Mini Jam of October 2015.


You play Bear-Solitaire, the rules of which change every few seconds.

Ultra-Kittens VS Space-Penguins

Made for the BerliniMiniJam of March 2015 with Marie Palme in a little bit under 8 hours.


You defend the Ultra-Kitten homeworld from the invading penguin-fleet by shooting them with cat-missiles.


Green City

Green City is a city-building game created for the Digital Game-Based Learning Course at the HTW Berlin. It was developed in roughly 3 months together with Anna-Lena Hunold, Tu Le-Thanh, Derya Celebi, Ralitsa Doncheva and Julia Katzsch.


In Green City you need to supply a town with electricity by building electic plants. Depending on how it affects the environment, nature changes, and the people move to your city or leave it.

There is no release planned.


Made in 9 hours for the Berlin Mini Jam, featuring music by Kevin MacLeod.


Trainkiller is a pretty good approximation of what it would feel if a de-railed train would speed along a city road, complete with chaos and overturned cars.


Crazy Volcano

Crazy Volcano is a game for tablets created in roughly 3 months at the HTW Berlin.


In Crazy Volcano you are a magma-flow trying to break out. You can swipe lava-ghosts from the lava to set things on fire, create a lava-fist to punch away obstacles, and remove earth by dragging over it.


I worked with Antonia Freier, Franziska Koch, Karina Kruz, Lea Fuchs, Nadine Kost, Till Balbach, Tommy Dräger and Tu Le-Thanh.

There is no release planned.

Trevor The Tortoise

Made during the Global Game Jam 2013 with Linda Meinel & Richard Wepner.

You play as Trevor, as tortoise that wants to fly by strapping himself to a rocket. You need to avoid obstacles and get as far as possible.



Vocabulario Explosivo

Vocabulario Explosivo is a Spanish-Learning App I created in a few days. You can enter word-pairs, save them, and test yourself.


The Acheron

Created in 8 hours for the Berlin Mini Jam.

You control a Pirate-Ship during the Age of Sail. You can attack other ships, which are procedurally generated and each have an unique name. Ships drop dubloons, which you can collect. After a certain amount collected you level up and can adapt your stats.



There is no release planned.

Fireball Muffin Pony Adventure

Made in 9 hours for the Berlin Mini Jam.

You play a colorful pony in a top-down roguelike and have to rescues procedurally-generated fillies from evil monsters.


Features music by BossFight.

Boxy the Boxcat Steals The World

Made in 9 hours for the Berlin Mini Jam.

Boxy is back, trying to steal valuable diamonds. On the way through the levels she has to avoid guards and deadly laser-traps.


Shakes-Sphere vs the World!

A colorful and challenging twin-stick-shooter made Made in 9 hours for the Berlin Mini Jam. The enemies pulsate to the tune of the music.


Pandas Pandas Pandas

Made in 3 hours in preparation for Ludum Dare. If you shoot barrels, they explode pandas everywhere.


Push The Button – Gain a Level!

Push The Button was created in 1 hour during the Zero-Hour-gamejam.

It’s is a satire-game. You progress in rank by completing missions, which are accomplished by pressing a button, set to orchestral music.

The soundtrack was created by Maverlyn Darkstar.


5 Days in Charleroi

5 Days in Charleroi is an exploration-game set in World War I.

The player explores a derelict and abandoned battlefield, trying to find his way through the destruction.


Dodge Em

Dodge Em is a small flash-game, in which the player tries to make it as far as possible through an increasingly hostile asteroid-field.


Dirt Driller

Dirt Driller is a runner-type game, in which the player controls a drill, trying to gather crystals and avoiding obstacles.

I made this in less than 48 hours for the Mini-Ludum-Dare-Contest of May 2011. Themes could be freely chosen from 10 available. The themes of Dirt Driller are loosely drill, descend, dirt and dig. The Soundtrack was created by Kevin Macleod.



  • Automated random procedural awesome level generation
  • Third-person Drill controls
  • Atmospheric and claustrophobic surroundings
  • Implemented Highscores, to keep you coming back to kick some ass
  • Quite fitting awesome soundtrack


A Steampunk Axebot Supply Run

The game I created for my first Ludum-Dare-contest.

Three Steampunk Axebots are marching toward the castle of the evil Prof. Malevolent to destroy him. But they will fail, if you do not keep them supplied with repair-kits, which you send them by piloting rockets.

steampunk axebot screenshot 10


  • Colorful Comic-look
  • Cool soundtrack
  • First-Person Rocket control
  • Steampunk Robots with Axe-Hands. So far unique in gaming and culture overall.

A Steampunk Axebot Supply Run got the following results in the competition, from 289 entries.

Coolness 101%
#13 Community 3.77
#32 Innovation 3.70
#53 Graphics 3.57
#61 Overall 3.38
#61 Audio 3.19
steampunk axebot screenshot 04

Submarine Torpedo Blaster

Submarine Torpedo Blaster is a 3d-Shooter in a virtual reality. The player controls a submarine through several missions. Made at the Game Design Schule Schwerin.

The soundtrack was created by Maverlyn Darkstar.




This game was created in 48 hours for the Global Game Jam 2012. You control a snake a various trials against other serpents and have to prove yourself.

Ourob-Nom-Rous was received well and was voted “Most adherent to theme” of the Jam-Site Bremen.

Maurice Döhle and Philip Göttsche also collaborated, providing graphic-assets and music respectively.


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