I got to do the voiceover for a recipe-video at!

Heute gibt es wieder ein #Rezeptvideo mit #VoiceOver für euch 🥰 Wie niedlich sind diese süßen Schokoküsse mit Weihnachtsmützen? 💝 #rezept #backenDE

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New Article on Digital Distribution Services

I wrote another article, this time on digital distribution storefronts for games.

This is the big one, and it has a de facto monopoly on desktop-game sales.

After the discontinuation of Steam Greenlight, publishing on Steam has become very straightforward, with only a one-time US$100 fee necessary per title published. This fee can be recouped once a game has earned over $1,000, which can be a lot for minor titles though.

The open gates have led to an inflation of games on the platform, which sadly means that publishing a game on Steam no longer automatically guarantees success.

Go check it out!