New Article on Digital Distribution Services

I wrote another article, this time on digital distribution storefronts for games.

This is the big one, and it has a de facto monopoly on desktop-game sales.

After the discontinuation of Steam Greenlight, publishing on Steam has become very straightforward, with only a one-time US$100 fee necessary per title published. This fee can be recouped once a game has earned over $1,000, which can be a lot for minor titles though.

The open gates have led to an inflation of games on the platform, which sadly means that publishing a game on Steam no longer automatically guarantees success.

Go check it out!


New Article! How to Improve your Game with Reload-Mechanics

My new article is out! It’s about improving gameplay with different reloading-mechanics, and what kinds are used.

Every step during the reload process is a different button. You need to solve this puzzle in the correct order, all while chaos is breaking out around you!

Then there is another type of weapon in the game, which uses completely different buttons!

This turns reloading a weapon into the puzzle it would actually be in similar situations, especially when under stress and with limited mental attention available.

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List of Hackathons, Gamjams & Competitions

I usually joke that I have participated in 100 gamejams, hackathons and competitions.

That was wrong. It is actually 111 events ;P

I put the entire list on github

Here’s an excerpt:

Ludum Dare October Challenge 2014 – POND
Ludum Dare October Challenge 2015 – Totally Serious Bear-Solitaire
Mini Ludum Dare 26 – Dirt Driller
Mini Ludum Dare 29 – Be Afraid! (aborted)
Mini Ludum Dare 31 – Vertical Void
Mini Ludum Dare 46 (SharkJam) – Sharkasm, also organized the event
Molyjam 01 – Let’s Protest!
Molyjam 02 – (aborted)
Pirate Kart V – Vertical Void DX
Unity Awards 2011 – Unstoppaball DX, Finalist