Indie Mixtape – Spooky Things In The Dark

The impeccable ZoĆ« Quinn suggested the idea of Indie Mixtapes – Small collections of indiegames going well together.

So of course I hade to make my own. I present: Indie Mixtape – Spooky Things In The Dark


And endless staircase, in which (possibly) something might be in. Or not. You’ll have to figure it out.

Where am I?

You’re stuck in some sort of maze, which doesn’t conform to rational logic. Also, you might be losing your grip on sanity.


Science has created the next evolutionary step of mankind, weird-looking humans without eyes. What yould go wrong.

Containment Breach

You’re in an underground complex in which weird artefacts and monsters are housed, when the power goes out. Features randomly generated levels and a thing that will kill you if you don’t look at it. You also have to blink every few seconds, because otherwise it’d be easy.


A different take on the endless staircase. Features more things that go bang in the night.

Minecraft Weeping Angels Mod

Adds the Weepings Angels from Doctor Who to Minecraft, statues that only move when you don’t look at them.


You’re alone in the woods. There might also be a guy following you.