List of Hackathons, Gamjams & Competitions

I usually joke that I have participated in 100 gamejams, hackathons and competitions.

That was wrong. It is actually 111 events ;P

I put the entire list on github

Here’s an excerpt:

Ludum Dare October Challenge 2014 – POND
Ludum Dare October Challenge 2015 – Totally Serious Bear-Solitaire
Mini Ludum Dare 26 – Dirt Driller
Mini Ludum Dare 29 – Be Afraid! (aborted)
Mini Ludum Dare 31 – Vertical Void
Mini Ludum Dare 46 (SharkJam) – Sharkasm, also organized the event
Molyjam 01 – Let’s Protest!
Molyjam 02 – (aborted)
Pirate Kart V – Vertical Void DX
Unity Awards 2011 – Unstoppaball DX, Finalist



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