Creating a Time-Rewind System part 2

My new article is out! It continues the creation of a time-rewind-system. Part 1 is here.

Right now we record the positions and rotations of the player 50 times a second. This amount of data will quickly become untenable, and this will become especially noticeable with more complex game setups and mobile devices with less processing power.

But what we can do instead is only record 4 times a second and interpolate between those keyframes. That way we save 92% of the processing bandwidth, and get results that are indistinguishable from the 50-frame recordings, as they play out within fractions of a second.


Go check it out!


ShortbowVR is public!

Hey guys,

My Virtual Reality Archery Simulator ShortbowVR is now public!


It was designed for the unique ShortbowVR-Controller, but you can still play on a regular android-device! Just hold your phone/tablet in the direction you want to look, press the screen to draw an arrow, and release to fire!


Get it on!