Creating a Time-Rewind System

My new article is out! It about how to build a Prince-of-Persia Style Time-Rewind System.

Race-Ghosting is a technique where you race for the best time on an empty track. But at the same time, you race against a ghost, which is a ghostly, transparent car, which drives the exact way you raced before on your best attempt. You cannot collide with it, which means you can still concentrate on getting the best time.


Go check it out!


ShortbowVR is the best project at the HTW Berlin

ShortbowVR has just been won the title of Best IT-Project of the HTW Berlin!


It went up against 18 other amazing projects, which were pretty neat too. Those included automated face-swapping, procedural animation and custom sensor-boxes that could be read out over the internet.