ShortbowVR – Virtual Reality Archery

Hey everybody!

I just finished the first version of ShortbowVR. So in addition to the controller-pictures I posted before there is now much more :D




You look around by pointing the bow in the desired direction. When you draw and release the string you fire an arrow.



So far people love it and immediately want to try it out :)

Here is me presenting it at the BerlinMiniJam of February 2016:

And here are 30 seconds of early gameplay ;)

I’ll see if I can bring it to some events and jams, if you want to try it out ;)



ShortbowVR Controller Photos

I built this. I call it ShortbowVR :D


It has 360 degrees of gyroscopic view. By drawing and releasing the string you shoot arrows inside the virtual-reality game.


I am currently working on the game that can be played with it, and it will be at least another months until I can consider it finishes. Screenshots are coming soon ;)