Pegakitty Saves the World!

My game for the 33rd Ludum Dare and the August 2015 Berlin Mini Jam is about a Pegaus Kitty :D. I made it in 8 hours with Marie Palme.


In Pegakitty Saves The World you collect candy to power your rainbow-blaster, with which you can rainbowify the envivonment.

Play | LD-Entry



Green City

This semester I created Green City for the Digital Game-Based Learning Course at the HTW Berlin.


In Green City you need to supply a town with electricity by building electic plants. Depending on how it affects the environment, nature changes, and the people move to your city or leave it.

I worked with Anna-Lena Hunold, Tu Le-Thanh, Derya Celebi, Ralitsa Doncheva and Julia Katzsch. We haven’t decided yet on a release-plan.