Ultra-Kittens VS Space-Penguins

For the BerliniMiniJam of March 2015 I created Ultra-Kittens VS Space-Penguins with Marie Palme in a little bit under 8 hours.


You defend the Ultra-Kitten homeworld from the invading penguin-fleet by shooting them with cat-missiles. It’s fun :D


Go Play!



8 Classic Game Genres Ready to Explore Again

My second piece on underused game-genres just got released! (First part is here)


Sky Rogue shows beautifully how the genre can be explored. You can choose between several markedly different planes, and scenarios include fighting against stationary targets, other aircraft, and massive airships, the latter of which often include sub-targets, such as turrets.

Weapons also offer a lot of ways to make your gameplay feel good. In addition to simple weapons, you could also include multi-stage missiles, lasers, or any kind of contraption you can think of.

Go check it out!