Building Minesweeper

I’m doind a trilogy on how to build grid-based puzzle-game over at Tuts+, centering on re-creating Minesweeper, for beginners. Parts 1 and 2 are already up!


The articles also have test-demos and the source-code, so you can check your progress.

Go check them out!


FoxyTank results

Ludum Dare is over!

FoxyTank ranked…. alright. Probably because I only had 24 hours available instead of the usual 48 hours.


Some of the results out of 2500 games are:

  • 2nd place coolness, gold medal
  • 25th most played
  • 393rd graphics

On second thought, that’s pretty good actually :)


Vocabulario Explosivo

After we’ve learned that there isn’t really a learning-tool for foreign vocabulary I decided to make my own in a few hours. Here’s a reflective photo of it running on my android-tablet.


You enter word-pairs (in any languages you want), and can test yourself.

Not sure if I’ll continue this for an actual “release”, but it was quite fun making it :)