This Ludum Dare the theme was “Minimalism.” Finally, something feasible. Within the 48 hours I made the minimalistic and artsy Balls Balls Balls for it. And it’s fun :D

In Balls Balls Balls you play Neon-Shockwave-Golf by creating tiny shockwaves. Levels start simple, but ramps up in difficulty and complexity.


  • 30 unique and brain-bending level 
  • Beautifully minimalistic artstyle
  • Minimalistic yet deep gameplay, exploring all permutations of the present rules
  • Automatic Saving, so you can return at any time to continue
  • Organ-based soundtrack. Fuck yeah Organs.
  • Highscore-Tracking, so you can see who is absurdly better than you
  • Balls.
  • Seriously, What more could you want

Go Play | Entry-Page

I also made a timelapse, as usual. See 48 hours of work concentrated into 2 ultra-efficient minutes:

Results are also quite positive. Remember, these are out of 2346 games in total.

Coolness 100%
#133 Fun 3.57
#167 Overall 3.64
#191 Audio 3.32
#296 Innovation 3.45
#309 Mood 3.19
#354 Theme 3.75
#427 Graphics 3.22
#702 Humor 2.04

167th overall is quite good, as is the 133rd rank in fun.

Best part: Reviews :D



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