Now on Android!

Unstopaball DX and Vertical Void DX are now available on Android! You can grab them here and here respectively.

If you’d rather have the iOS-versions, they are here and here.




The game Paranautical Activity has been denied access to Steam for having the temerity of having a Greenlight-Page. Read the full story here.

As a result of this, several developers have decided to take their games off Greenlight in Protest.

I am joining the protest, and as of now Badass Locomotive is no longer on Greenlight.

This is no way to treat Developers, especially Indies. We should not be punished for engaging the Greenlight-Process, which Steam has been pushing exclusively on smaller developers. in the meantime big-money Publishers can bypass it and get their games on Steam birectly, without any assurance of Quality or fun (see the fiasco that is The War Z).

In the meantime, you can still get Badass Locomotive here.



This Ludum Dare the theme was “Minimalism.” Finally, something feasible. Within the 48 hours I made the minimalistic and artsy Balls Balls Balls for it. And it’s fun :D

In Balls Balls Balls you play Neon-Shockwave-Golf by creating tiny shockwaves. Levels start simple, but ramps up in difficulty and complexity.


  • 30 unique and brain-bending level¬†
  • Beautifully minimalistic artstyle
  • Minimalistic yet deep gameplay, exploring all permutations of the present rules
  • Automatic Saving, so you can return at any time to continue
  • Organ-based soundtrack. Fuck yeah Organs.
  • Highscore-Tracking, so you can see who is absurdly better than you
  • Balls.
  • Seriously, What more could you want

Go Play | Entry-Page

I also made a timelapse, as usual. See 48 hours of work concentrated into 2 ultra-efficient minutes:

Results are also quite positive. Remember, these are out of 2346 games in total.

Coolness 100%
#133 Fun 3.57
#167 Overall 3.64
#191 Audio 3.32
#296 Innovation 3.45
#309 Mood 3.19
#354 Theme 3.75
#427 Graphics 3.22
#702 Humor 2.04

167th overall is quite good, as is the 133rd rank in fun.

Best part: Reviews :D