Ludum-Dare Picks

Hey guys!

So I’ve rated 333+ games this Ludum Dare. Woo!
Here are some memorable ones.

Abrupt Salvation

You are an evil block-dude/dudette. Destroy the kingdom! Weirdly beautiful, and atmospheric. Very good use of Unity-resources.

I Never COULD Get The Hang Of Thursdays…

Array-of-minigames-story-thingie. Also, you speed-pet a turtle. YOU SPEED-PET A TURTLE

The Fall of Mr. Wily

This is one of the few games with a character-arc I’ve encountered. Excellent use of music.

Internet Avenger

You are the Internet Explorer, sent back in time, to destroy other browsers. Simple, but lovely as hell.

Seeds of Wrath

You’re a bird. Piss off the scarecrow.

Mad Princess

You are the Princess, who actually hasn’t been captured. She hasn’t bee captured at all! Also, she’s evil. Mwahaha. Lovely.


Hurt the cute guy to advance, but not too much. Too cute. Too much evil.


Jerk Simulator. You are hurting your friends. This is too villainous. Seriously, I can’t take it. You try.

Hell Guy Hells It Up

A game about sacrificing villagers and goats. Simple and efficient (also fun).

The World is Mine!

World-Domination-Simulator. You hire Goons and take over cities.
Hang on, this is my game. I am shamelessly plugging this! OH GOD SOMEBODY STOP ME



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