I made a mod for FTL

Have you been playing FTL for 30+ hours already? Are you seeing the same names appear over and over again? Are you tired of having the same old crewmen re-join your ship during your journey?

Well fret no more! For now there is the Extra Names Mod!

The Extra Names Mod adds over 400 new and unique names to FTL, including

140 female first names, like

  • Annika
  • Hannah
  • Selene

138 male first names, including

  • Harvey
  • Douglas
  • Miles

And 129 unisex last Names, in the style of

  • Freeman
  • Jensen
  • Collins

Download Here | FTL-Forum


  1. Install Grognak’s Mod Manager (get it here)
  2. Download the file Extra Names Mod 1.1.ftl and copy it into the “mods”-folder
    (Under “FTL – Faster Than Light/mods”. If you have it on Steam, under “Steam/SteamApps/common/FTL – Faster Than Light/mods”)
  3. Run Grognak’s Mod Manager (modman.exe). Select “Extra Names Mod 1.1” and click “OK”
  4. Wait till the manager finished integrating the mod.
  5. Start FTL – Faster Than Light.

With the Extra Names Mod you get a high chance of getting a crew with automatic unique and interesting names, making your playthrough cooler if you don’t want to adjust them manually before each campaign. New crew-members that join you on the way also benefit from this.




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