My Little Planetoid in top 6% of Ludum Dare

Ludum-Dare-Results are in!

And they look good.

My Little Planetoid ranked 24th in Theme and 85th Overall from 1402 games in total, which is a very good rating. I’m also happy about the 94th place in Mood. This is also the 4th time in a row I’m the first place in coolness, which is cool, but was kinda expected.

Here are the full results:

Coolness 100%
#24 Theme 4.10
#85 Overall 3.66
#94 Mood 3.40
#116 Graphics 3.78
#124 Audio 3.28
#185 Fun 3.25
#256 Innovation 3.30
#437 Humor 2.20

I’m also pretty sure I would’ve gotten a very good community-rating, if that category still existed.

Go Play | LD-Entry | Review



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