Ludum-Dare picks

There are currently 1402 games in Ludum dare. Going through games can be difficult, especially with the high number of them, so here are some noteworthy picks. (except mine, which already is awesome :P)


Beautiful twin-stick-shooter/adventure on several spherical worlds.

Angle Isle

Everything is 45°! Also, you’re a bird. Lovely platformer.

Cruel Space

Twin-stick-shooter on multiple planets with leveling-up-mechanics. Beautiful presentation.


Ferry people around town without causing too much collateral damage. Or destroy the city, should you get pissed off.

Trucking the Universe

Rednecks in space. Also, one-button-controlled.

Atom Planet

A lovely little 2d-sandbox starring a dinosaur. What else do you want.

The Tiny World of Fiorella

Incredibly polished and beautiful dungeon-crawler. It’s positively Zelda-esque (or was that Isaac-ular?)

Oh Boy, oh boy

You rotate a planet trying to land asteroids, plants and wildlife in such a way that they survive, and cultivate an own environment.

Beef War

It’s tower-defense with beef. Also, insane.

Life in a Jar

You control a colony of sentient cubes, build stuff and assign jobs. A lot of parallels to My Little Planetoid.


Defend the freedom with 80s action-heroes. Laugh-out-loud funny.

Inside my Radio

Rhythm-bases platformer. It’s beautiful, and sounds great.

Enjoy :)



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