Reviews of "Let’s Protest!"

My molyjam-game “Let’s Protest!” has been received quite well.

Oujevipo is reviewing it, and here is RockPaperShotgun’s take. IndieGameMagazine describes it as “weird and wonderful”.

Just go play yourself.



Protesting for Molyjam

This weekend was Molyjam, where hundreds of developers worldwide found themselves together to each create a game in 48 hours based on a tweet by @PeterMolydeux, who is constantly spitballing new ideas and concepts.

So of course I signed up.

The idea I chose to develop is

“Imagine a game in which you have to join protests to make changes to the rules within the game’s world.”

You join protests and change the world (literally). Weather boring you? Protest for a new one! Irritated by the movement-controls? Protest!

Play | Molyjam-entry | Review 1 | Review 2