Introducing: Unstoppaball

The game I have been working on for the past months is finally done. I’d like to show you … unstoppaball.
Unstoppaball is a physics-puzzler, in which you try to fumble a fragile sphere through 30 levels, all whilst trying to keep the balance, avoid spiky enemies, and finding all the fragments necessary to advance t the next level.
  • 30 varied levels, every one of them different
  • 2 distinct art-styles
  • Hidden secrets in every level! Can you find them all?
  • An awesome death-sequence
  • Atmospheric soundtrack
  • Stat-tracking system, showing you how often precisely you shattered into a thousand pieces
  • 8 deep achievements, you keep you motivated

Unstoppaball is out now for PC

Go play on now on kongregate, or visit the website.

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