Facets of being a game-designer #37

February 11th.: I have a new idea for a game. It’s called “attractor”, a puzzler in which you try to to move objects through the use of attractors and repellants.

February 14th.: Somebody releases “Attractor”, a puzzle-game about moving objects through the use of attractors and repellants.

This must be the seventh time (approximately) this had happened. It feels like… my mind is being read and then used comically efficient against me.



Introducing: Unstoppaball

The game I have been working on for the past months is finally done. I’d like to show you … unstoppaball.
Unstoppaball is a physics-puzzler, in which you try to fumble a fragile sphere through 30 levels, all whilst trying to keep the balance, avoid spiky enemies, and finding all the fragments necessary to advance t the next level.
  • 30 varied levels, every one of them different
  • 2 distinct art-styles
  • Hidden secrets in every level! Can you find them all?
  • An awesome death-sequence
  • Atmospheric soundtrack
  • Stat-tracking system, showing you how often precisely you shattered into a thousand pieces
  • 8 deep achievements, you keep you motivated

Unstoppaball is out now for PC

Go play on now on kongregate, or visit the website.