Playing with iOS

Lately I have been experimenting more with native iOS development. So I got my hands on a json-file of transit-data and decided to make an app out of it.

It lists all available connections, and you can inspect each connection to see details and steps in it.

It took me about 8 hours to build. You can check out the sourcecode on my github, if you want to.




Creating a Time-Rewind System part 2

My new article is out! It continues the creation of a time-rewind-system. Part 1 is here.

Right now we record the positions and rotations of the player 50 times a second. This amount of data will quickly become untenable, and this will become especially noticeable with more complex game setups and mobile devices with less processing power.

But what we can do instead is only record 4 times a second and interpolate between those keyframes. That way we save 92% of the processing bandwidth, and get results that are indistinguishable from the 50-frame recordings, as they play out within fractions of a second.


Go check it out!


Creating a Time-Rewind System

My new article is out! It about how to build a Prince-of-Persia Style Time-Rewind System.

Race-Ghosting is a technique where you race for the best time on an empty track. But at the same time, you race against a ghost, which is a ghostly, transparent car, which drives the exact way you raced before on your best attempt. You cannot collide with it, which means you can still concentrate on getting the best time.


Go check it out!