9 Rare and Underused Game Genres Ready to Explore

My newest article is now on GameDevTuts! It’s called 9 Rare and Underused Game Genres Ready to Explore.


Even Payday, which is a shooter, offers tons of non-violent ways to complete missions, which often are more tense and interesting than just having to shoot enemies.

Focus the gameplay on avoiding guards and staying in the shadows. Alarm systems and lasers offer puzzles to work around. Loot strewn around the level, with various risks attached to it, offer meaningful decisions: do you risk the reward, or do you play it safe?

Payday 2 is wonderfully designed in that it actively fosters greed. You only get a payout if at least one person makes it out alive, but every person left behind carries also a penalty. If somebody is downed, your first instinct would be to save them, but that would risk the entire enterprise, and thus the reward.

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Designing Microconsole Games

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My latest article, 15 Things to Consider When Designing Microconsole Games, just went live on GameDevTuts. Here’s a peek:


As there are a wide range of TVs, which include older models, it is not 100% possible to guarantee that the game’s image will fit perfectly on every screen.

Older TVs, in particular, tend to overshoot the image at times, cutting off the sides of the screen by a sometimes considerable amount.

To ensure that everything is displayed correctly, every console game needs to have a “safe zone”, which is a border on the edge of the screen where nothing critical is shown. On the Ouya, this border is 15% of the screen’s width.

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Strike Craft Copperhead is out!

My new game Strike Craft Copperhead is now out exclusively on OUYA!

B1J2YHnIIAAyHs5.png large

Explore infinite levels in this procedurally generated twin-stick roguelike!

Fight enemies that try to destroy you, take shortcuts by destroying walls, and explore each unique area.
B1m9fLVCIAAGMay.jpg large


  • 2 hovercraft to chose from
  • Player customization
  • Endless uniquely created levels
  • Destroyable environments
  • Highscores

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