Creating Comedy & Humour in Games

I wrote an article about Comedy & Humour in games!


Long before the release, when this feature was first implemented in empty test rooms, developers were surprised by how testers started “writing” words on the wall.

I find this telling: Given an empty room and only a single (inherently violent) ability to affect the world, people chose to do something that made them laugh.

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Underused Game-Ideas pt. 4

I wrote another article on gravely underused game-idea, the 4th in the series.


Everything outside of that gives you a chance to make a game unique. Anno 1701 introduced slight Adventure/RPG mechanics: the player is issued quests which they much complete using their player avatar (their ship), while other compete with them for rewards. In Anno 1404 these became unique items that could buff the player’s islands or ships.

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Underused Genres pt. 3

I wrote another article! This is the third of the trilogy on strangely underused game-genres, here are Part 1 and Part 2.

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Both the Mass Effect and Deus Ex series are huge successes. The games offer a unique combination of talking and shooting elements. (They often have other elements, such as RPG-like stats and skills, but the combination of guns and conversation is unique and interesting enough to work on its own.)

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