Strike Craft Copperhead is out!

My new game Strike Craft Copperhead is now out exclusively on OUYA!

B1J2YHnIIAAyHs5.png large

Explore infinite levels in this procedurally generated twin-stick roguelike!

Fight enemies that try to destroy you, take shortcuts by destroying walls, and explore each unique area.
B1m9fLVCIAAGMay.jpg large


  • 2 hovercraft to chose from
  • Player customization
  • Endless uniquely created levels
  • Destroyable environments
  • Highscores

Go check it out!


Battlefleet Text Command

Last weekend was the Berlin Mini Game Jam, and I made Battlefleet Text Command in a few hours.

It’s a text-based strategy-game. You command your ships by giving them text-commands, such as

  • “Jericho attack Daedalus”
  • “Icarus move to 09″


The ships then promptly do so. There is a lot of room to mess up, as ship-names can get complicated (try typing “Aguinaldo” quickly), and it’s very easy to stray into friendly fire.

Go check it out!


Spacecat Marines

Last weekend was once again Ludum Dare, and in 48 hours I made Spacecat Marines.

In Spacecat Marines you go from world to world in your ship, the Bigglesworth. You have a crew of spacecats with their own unique appearances and equipement, which accompany you on missions. During those you have to defend power-cores in fps/td-hybrid. They also get more experience and level up in rank.



  • Your unique team of Spacecat Marines
  • Neat Soundtrack
  • Spacecat Marines. With guns.
  • Non-linear progression – chose which mission to do next
  • 12 missions with different challenges
  • A ship to connect you between worlds


I also made a timelapse, showing me working furiously: